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ITV Fest nominee

To give myself, my crew and my cast a shout out… the Pilot I produced in December has been nominated for ITV Fest.  woohoo. Congrats to everyone for their hard work on BIRDS OF A FEATHER!

ITV Fest


The movie break up

My best friend and I were talking today about break ups in the movies and how much better they are than in real life.  The best part about the movie break up is many times the broken up get back together.  Whether in drama or in romance, something funny or chatastrophic pulls a couple a part so that by the end of the movie something fun and equally catastrophic puts them back together.  Whether a natural disaaster or a world war or a family, as an audience most of the time we are roothing for the couple to get back together.   I was thinking about examples of movies where this doesn’t happen and  (WARNING SPOILER) 500 DAYS OF SUMMER immediately came to mind.  Sorry for those that have not seen it.  I think the film is a brilliant journey into what happens when two people find each other and one person realizes that the relationship just isn’t working while the other believes he has found his soul mate.  When the girl, played by Zooey Deschanel breaks it off with the boy, played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, he does everything in his power to try and win her back.  The movie was not the classic rom com and in fact at a Q&A I saw with the writers, it was meant to be an anti rom com.  For me the movie was poignant, funny, heart breaking, and minus the animated segments, pretty true to life.  In life, as in this particular movie, we sometimes get our heart broken, stomped on, ripped to shreds and then with lots of time and some faith, move on hoping to find the one yet again.  It’s movies like 500 DAYS OF SUMMER that make me not only believe in filmmaking and the power of it, but also as a hopeless romantic who has had her heart broken, makes me realize that hopefully, sometimes movies can be like real life… I just wish I had an animated blue bird that would sing to me sometimes too!

Shout out

For today’s post I want to give a shout out to a funny writer of all things film and television, Christopher Rosen.  He is spot on in his assessments and if you don’t believe me check out his work for the NY Observer here:

Sofia Coppola… oh boy

and here

Carey Mulligan IS Michelle Williams

I caught wind of his work from the NEVER LET ME GO trailer, which I admit made me tear up a bit.  THEN he reviewed the trailer for the new Sofia Coppola movie and I was hooked on him.  Here is the thing about the divine Ms. C. I LOVED the film VIRGIN SUICIDES.  It made me believe Kirsten Dunst was a force to be reckoned with plus Kathleen Turner was divine.  The she lost me with LOST IN TRANSLATION, to me a two hour commercial for Tokyo and of course do not get me started on Marie Antoinette. So anyway I caught wind of Rosen and keep reading all his archived stuff.  I love reading other articles from journalists who can take the piss out of the entertainment industry, but do it in a fair, honest way.  So bravo Christopher Rosen.  I will be making sure to read your articles from now on. To check out more you can follow him on twitter @42inchtv.

Are reboots dying or are they just warming up?

With the stellar opening weekend of A-Team (JUST KIDDING) and this summer’s box office facing some serious desolation, I want to talk about WHY Hollywood thinks it is ok to remake all these damn movies.

Just today I read THIS MOVIE is being remade…

WHAT?! FOR REAL? Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead?!! Ok I JUST don’t get it. Apparently with Karate Kid’s success at the box office,  family films from the 80’s are getting a reboot.  Here are some movies I beg Hollywood doesn’t remake.

Goonies: Goonies never say die, but I am saying a remake of this film could make me die!

ET:  Henry Thomas may need the work, but can’t we just leave ET alone back up on his home planet with his reeses pieces and bicycle. Already re-released in 2002 I beg Spielberg doesn’t let this classic get remade.

Neverending Story: Sebastian, Atreyu and friends coming back? Maybe Sebastian’s mom can have a cooler name next time?

My name is Inigo Mantoya please don’t remake this movie!

Any John Hughes Film!  Hollywood will try to make great teen comedy, but no one has been able to get it quite right since Hughes. Heckerling came close with Clueless and of course Tina Fey with Mean Girls, but trying to remake a John Hughes film is like trying to say the best buffalo wings don’t come from Buffalo, NY or that Domino’s makes better pizza than Ray’s in NY… it just isn’t the same.

So tell me readers… any movies you would hate to see remade by Hollywood Execs? Would love your feedback!

MICMACS and John Sayles is HIRING!

So starting today June 14th. I will be writing every day for one week all about the industry of film, tv and new media. I have to say the last couple years I have really immersed myself in the world of new media as I truly believe everything is going to be converging anyway so may as well talk about everything all at once.

I have to be honest I put the blogs on this site on hold because I was feeling a tad uninspired by what has been happening in the film world and in entertainment in general. This summer the box office has been pretty lackluster and have to be honest personally THE A TEAM was just not doing it for me. However, what did do it for me was this little gem of a movie called MICMACS!

A film by Jean- Pierre Jeunet the director of AMELIE, MICMACS is a whimsical tale of a man who accidentally gets shot in the head, loses it all and finds a home with a bunch of underground misfits who help him bring to justice the people who shot him.  It’s beautifully directed and just enjoyable to watch.  I was able to catch a free screening over at SONY and I absolutely will pay to see it in the theater. I didn’t stop laughing through the whole movie and left the theater smiling.  I can not remember the last time I left a theater so damn happy after seeing a film. It’s definitely been awhile.

In another note of things that make me happy. John Sayles is looking for an assistant! Mr. Sayles WHY are you based in Hoboken? Don’t you know that if you were based pretty much anywhere in southern California I would work for next to nothing just to be in your mere presence! A pioneer of indie filmmaking I wish you success in finding someone who fits your needs and if I had more balls I would pick up my life and move to Hoboken for the chance to work for you… alas I don’t right now as I have some work left to be done here in Los Angeles…However, if you are ever working on a film and need a KILLER Production Manager I am your GAL! For those interested in the job… here is the post

John Sayles WANTS YOU!

Ok folks time for bed. Up early to finish editing episode for my web series 1150 Project, finish a treatment for a new web series I am developing with a couple people AND top secret project that I will speak more of tomorrow.

THANKS Tubefilter!

A big huge THANK YOU to Jenni Powell, Associate Editor of Tubefilter for writing an Article about my web doc project 1150project

Not JUST because they just gave me some great promotion am I saying this, but for me I get all my latest inside info about what is happening in the world of web television from their site. I think it is incredibly informative in terms of shows to watch and also shows NOT to watch. I have been an avid reader of the site for the last year and am really honored that they chose to write about what the project I am producing. As a filmmaker promoting your project is a big part of the process so I am sincerely grateful for their plug!

In other news, besides working on the project and looking for work, I have been back to business on a film project I get closer and closer to setting up  each day (it’s been four years in the making). Not sure if and when it will happen, but it feels great to be able to at least attempt to push this project forward with the assistance of the writer and my business partner, whose health has stabled. It always feels good to work with great people on a project you are passionate about and feel incredibly blessed.

I will be back to writing on this blog far more regularly beginning in April and am looking forward to bringing you my thoughts on what is right and more often than not what is wrong in Hollywood as well as my struggles to finding a “job” while also attempting to set up my own projects… until then feel free to catch me at and while you are at it READ TUBEFILTER, it will do you good!

This is the state of the world

I’ve been hearing that a lot lately. This is the state of the world. For those that are old enough to remember the group Luscious Jackson, I am not talking about their song (lyrics at the end of this post). NO I am talking about the state of the entertainment industry.  I have been out of Los Angeles for over a month, but long enough to gain some outside perspective. The state of the film community in Los Angeles quite frankly sucks. More and more people are getting laid off every day and I have colleagues who have not been able to find work in the last nine months. It’s frightening for someone like me who is coming back there in April and needing to find a source of income for the first time in five years.  That’s right, I was hit by the state of the world too when our investors went belly up and could no longer provide the resources to keep our company afloat. So here I am also part of the state of the world…

SONY just laid off 7% of their work force, 450 people got pink slips in what is clear to be a pretty big restructuring. After what was deemed to be their best world wide box office ever, they give 450 people the boot. How is that for morale?! Disney shuttered Miramax, which may or may not be bought back from the Weinstein Company who has suffered their own hits this year. CE’s are non existent, VP’s are getting the boot and all that seems to be left are shells of what companies once were. I guess the question remains: Is it bad?

I guess the answer is yes and no. For someone like me who can not collect unemployment, the answer is HELL YES IT’S BAD. For my colleagues who have been unemployed for a year I would say YES it is bad. On the other hand wasn’t the bubble bound to burst? Wasn’t the exorbitant monies spent on overheads and frivolous expense accounts bound to go away? Should actors be paid 20 million a picture?

It’s a crazy time in Los Angeles and in entertainment. A lot of people are moving away, moving to places like Austin, Atlanta, New York and basically anywhere that is not Los Angeles, CA. They seek change, a better quality of life, more opportunity. Some have left the business altogether while others may still have a toe in, but have chosen to get out of the deep end so to speak. I don’t blame them. I have thought about leaving as well, venturing anywhere to simply produce content where it be my own or other people’s. Frankly it doesn’t matter anymore where I am as long as I can get paid for it.

So what do you think? Have you been hit with a pink slip? Have you decided to try your luck elsewhere? Curious other people’s takes on what is happening…oh and for good measure here are the lyrics of the Luscious Jackson song I spoke of above…

Performed by: Luscious Jackson
Written by: Jill Cunniff; Gabrielle Glaser; Curtis Mayfield

I’m taking the side streets
and I’m cruising down the alleyways
and I’m feeling the cool breeze
across my face
I’m losing to find
and I’m breaking to fix
cause I’m not fit to go on like this
music in my head
the rhythm keeps me fed
these sounds surround me
in these in high frequencies
there’s no place like home
there’s no place like home
stone alone
in the city of bastard roots

When I’m about to go crazy
cause I’m still living here
I just get my friends together
and we dance, dance, dance
cause this is the state of the world
this is the state of the world
this city tells me what it’s like to live

Hey bike messenger
what’s your name?
Have you got the time
to talk to me?
Tell you what
We’ll sit on this here stoop
and talk all about you
We’ll just keep sitting here
til you roll on through.


cause this is the state of the world
cause this is the state of the world

Serpico he’s still around
screwed up police ya might
get found
city crime’s for city cops
you’ve got to know
the streets you rock
the subway tells the story here
this is the place to disappear

Cause this is the state of the world
and I’ll die in my open mind
I live in my open mind
and I’ll die in my open mind
I live in my open mind
and I’ll die in my open mind
I live in my open mind
and I’ll die in my open mind
Credits: Cunniff, Jill (Songwriter); Glaser, Gabrielle (Songwriter); Mayfield, Curtis (Songwriter); LUSCIOUS JACKSON MUSIC (Publisher)

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