I want to make your project!

Those four words are probably the best four words I can hear, for about 2 seconds. Then I realize that just because someone says they want to make your project, it doesn’t mean it will happen… ever…

Yesterday I met up with an old colleague at his office. He is someone that has always been very supportive and someone who believed in me when I was going through a period in my life when I wasn’t certain about whether I was going down the right career path.  We got to talking about what we were both up to now and he mentioned a project I co-created a few years ago. “I want to make that still,” he said.  My heart leapt for a brief moment at his statement and then I came back down to reality. Though very flattering that he still thinks of my project and would want to find a way to make it happen, the truth is it may be something that will never see the light of day.

Now to be clear, this isn’t ANY project to me. This is something my old business partner and I created and pitched time and again. EVERYONE loved it, EVERYONE me met wanted to make it, but we just couldn’t find all the pieces to put it together to actually MAKE it happen.  Don’t get me wrong… I am and will always pitch this project to whoever will listen. I will always hope deep deep down this project will get made come hell or high water. However, the difference between a few years ago and now is I am far more realistic about the odds of actually ever getting something made. Also to be a bit more specific, the project I am referring to is a TV show.  It’s period, set in the late 60’s/ early 70’s and a similar idea saw the light of day, but then crashed and burned because frankly it was terrible. It was poorly written, laughable actually, and the characters just weren’t interesting or were so over the top it didn’t even make sense. When the show made it to air I was heart broken because all I kept thinking was OUR project was better! THEN when the show was cancelled I was even more heart broken because I knew we wouldn’t have a chance in hell to make this show for quite a long time.  Even now when I talk about our TV concept I get,  “ohhh so it’s like _____ which got cancelled.” And of course I want to scream out, “NOOOOOO! It’s absolutely nothing like ______. If you actually read our treatment you would see that you nit whit.”

After my meeting with my old colleague, after the hope we get to work together on something one day, good seeing yous and don’t be a stranger sentiments, I thought about the TV show that I spent years working on and more years pitching around town. I smiled to myself because whether this particular project ever sees the light of day and it is highly likely it won’t, deep down I know it’s a GREAT project. It’s a project that people would watch and come back to each and every week because it’s smart, funny, and unexpected. It’s a project people would talk about on Facebook or talk about the next day at work with their colleagues. It’s a project that SHOULD be made and like so many great projects probably won’t be…BUT I also know no matter what… I won’t give up on it either…


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