LONG time and what am I doing now

Just a quick update… I have not written a post on here since October 2010. A LOT has changed in that time and thought it would be good to update here just in case anyone still reads or wants to. I had started this blog in ’08/ ’09 with the hope that I would be producing a feature film within a year or two. Well that never happened. What did happen was the explosion of the web and web content and have since ventured into an Executive Producer role on several successful web projects working with such brands as Unilever, Kraft and Clorox to name a few big ones.  I am creating brandertainment if you will and proud of the work I have done. Like all producers, there are ebs and flows, ups and downs and after hitting several downs in film and television, I seemed to have hit my stride in web content. The interesting thing is for some reason there still aren’t a lot of us out there in the world so if you yourself produce interactive branded web content would love to hear from you and have you share your experiences.

Perhaps I should start this blog back up again… I do miss talking about my producing experiences and though I have never cracked the film/ tv code… I am certainly doing an ok job in the wonderful world of web…



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