So after my last post about wanting to work on a new project I got a few people saying they would like to work with me. I am incredibly flattered, but I have to say the first thing I am trying to do is find the right story to tell. So I am writing. I am writing every single day. Sometimes it is incredibly personal while other times it is strictly business. I realized that my blogging here has waned because to be frank there hasn’t been a lot lately that has really truly inspired me content wise. The last film I saw that I enjoyed was SOCIAL NETWORK. I mean I don’t know how Fincher and Sorkin could have gotten it wrong. I feel like the combo was bound to succeed plus it was just a damn interesting story and the soundtrack didn’t hurt!

Making movies, television, web content has and will always be something I love, at least I think. Lately, however, my inspiration has been lacking. I have not felt connected emotionally to the content I was working on and decided to take a much needed break. I always vowed that I would not become the bitter and jaded LA gal and under no circumstances would I become like the “other” Leslie Morgan who I have spoken of and often mistaken for.

Who is this “other” Leslie Morgan? Well for those that are not aware, the “other” used to work for Laura Ziskin in the late 90’s and early 00’s. She was apparently a close friend to Ms. Ziskin and the story I heard was she went bat shit crazy, moved to Texas and was never heard from again. Now I don’t want to talk shit about someone especially someone who shares my name. So this is all speculation and hearsay. I have always wanted to meet the “other” Leslie and find out the really story… there is a story there for sure and one day I will be able to devote the time to it.

My point is that I never wanted to go crazy and move to Texas. I mean the moving to Texas is one thing, but I never wanted the entertainment business to drive me to insanity. Let’s say that lately, though I am not insane, I can understand why you could go insane. My own experiences have been fraught with a lot of almost happened and so close you can taste it moments. Even now a project that I thought was dead found knew life recently, just a small spark, but life just the same. However, the joy I once felt, the excitement and passion for this business has definitely waned. Part of it is entirely personal and stems from what has recently happened in my life that has cause me some sadness, ok a lot of sadness, a lot of heart ache, a lot of pain. However, much of it is also due to the frustration of banging my head against the wall time and again, not being able to have any control and giving everything I have to something with no results.

The industry to me is a lot like high school and I hated high school. For me I thrived in college. I was a big fish in a small pond and had the opportunity to really experience everything and anything I wanted. While high school was about being popular, who you knew, college was about what you had to offer. So there have been many a day I have felt like Hollywood was like being back in high school.

There are those that make it because they find their own way, these people are few, but I admire them for making it happen on their terms. More often than not those that make it follow the path, know the right people and stick around long enough. Sometimes, a lot of the time it is not about hard work. This has been something I have battled with. Timing, luck, talent, knowing the right people are the keys that unlock the door to making it happen.

I am still going to fight. I am still going to try, but just not right now.  For now, I am taking some time to regroup, and to enjoy the process of writing and simply creating instead of producing… and I promise as soon as my spark is reignited and something strikes my fancy I will let you know…until then…


2 Responses to “slump”

  1. 1 anne June 14, 2011 at 9:21 am

    If you do find out what happened to the “other Leslie Morgan,” let me know. She and I were executives together at WB in the early 1980s (I was Dir. of Creative Affairs, she was story editor) and we stayed friends for at least a decade, maybe two,after i left LA. Laura’s death hasmade me think of her, want to find her (so sad about Laura, such a great woman).

    • 2 producerforhire June 14, 2011 at 10:38 am


      Thank you so much for this! I have been trying to track the “other” Leslie Morgan down for a few years now. I have a lot of her old colleagues that connect to me on Facebook asking if I am her or worked with Laura. I met Laura because we shared the same name and was so saddened to hear of her passing. She was an amazing woman who broke through a lot of barriers so that women like myself could move forward in this industry in a producing capacity. She was incredibly sweet, passionate, and gave so much to the entertainment community. I have to ask… why did you leave LA? Feel free to contact me directly at!

      Thanks again

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