Indie film are you dying?

Everytime I feel like the state of the independent film world is dying, something gives me hope. However, right now I just don’t know. I have been working in film on some level since I was 22 years old. I am now another year older and have stepped a bit further from the industry as I delve more into new media, web content, social media and marketing… I love film, I love talking to people about the industry, how to develop a business plan with an ROI and I love working with writers. I also feel like I was always really good at putting pieces together. My current job, yes I have an actual job now, consists of me being creative for a good 8-12 hours a day, every day. I have to say it’s been amazing, writing, making videos, sharing my views. However, I have to say I have missed producing, missed putting together projects, writing business plans, crunching numbers, talking to investors. I miss the business of film.

I need a new project. I still have one I am in the process of finishing, but I need to collaborate on a project in a producing capacity. I don’t want it to be anything crazy; I can’t devote my time to producing a 1.5 million dollar feature nor do I want to. I think I want to find someone, a group of someone’s to collaborate on a short film project. I don’t want to produce a web series or a webisode; I actually want to find a great 5 minute story and produce a short film for next to no money or very little money. For a long time I have been focusing on so many big projects and many of them came so close. Now I want something small, something really tangible that can be shot over the course of a long weekend, a three day shoot max. 5-10 pages over 3 days, with limited locations, a few actors, that can be shot on a 5D (which I have access to). So if there is anyone out there in Internet land who has something like this let me know. If there are many someone’s who have something like this let me know that too. It’s time to do something small, tangible and just have fun. I would like to call it Back to Basics…


2 Responses to “Indie film are you dying?”

  1. 2 lorielle October 18, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    YES!- want to make great short films-

    i actually want to do a web series– but would love to start off with a short- contact me

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