Is there such a thing as a soul mate?

So I saw this movie a couple weekend ago on Netflix.

It’s called TIMERS and it was written, directed and produced by Jac Schaeffer.  I am always impressed when a woman is a triple threat AND the movie is actually good.  I loved the direction and thought Schaeffer really captured the nuances of the characters.  Plus the cast was great and had fabulous chemistry.

So what is all the fuss about? Well the film is set in LA today and is about a device you can implant into your wrist called a Timer.  The device is essentially a clock that ticks down to the exact time when you will find your soul mate.  The protagonist, thirty year old Oona, played by Emma Caulfield, is stuck with a blank timer.  She dates in hopes of finding the one who will actually set her timer off.  However, all the dating can’t help her find the one until she meets a younger man named Mikey.  The only problem is Mikey’s timer says he is supposed to meet the one in a few months.  Oona must figure out whether she should go with the flow or let a determined destiny seal her fate.  The chemistry between Caulfield and John Patrick Amedori who plays Mikey is fantastic and this actor is definitely someone to watch with roles in the upcoming SCOTT PILGRIM vs THE WORLD and whose work was seen on GOSSIP GIRL.

Ultimately the film brings up some really great questions about whether knowing the future is actually a good thing and it was a great conversation with my friends after the movie and into the next day.  In terms of some of the writing choices towards the end of the film, I thought they were a bit of a miss, but the acting and directing definitely made up for it.  If you want to hang out and watch a cute flick I definitely reccomend it.  Plus I am all about supporting indie films that are somehow miraculously shot in Los Angeles!


2 Responses to “Is there such a thing as a soul mate?”

  1. 1 LA Idiot September 6, 2010 at 6:00 pm

    That trailer looks crazy scary to me! haha. I do believe in soul mates and refuse to believe otherwise.

    • 2 producerforhire September 6, 2010 at 11:01 pm

      I believe that there are soul mates, BUT I don’t think we have to end up with them nor do I think they have to be romantic relationships. I think I have a soul mate; I have two of them that I have met so far in my life… one is actually someone who was a great friend to me in college and someone who shares my birthday. We call each other birthdaymates=) The other is my business partner and I think we are soul mates on both a friendship and business level. There may also somewhere be my romantic soul mate, but if there isn’t I am lucky that I feel I have two people that are or have been in my life that I was fortunate enough to feel as though were soul mates to me.

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